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LanguageLine Academy®

Pacific Interpreters, a LanguageLine Solutions® Company, offers bilingual staff and interpreter testing and training through our parent company, LanguageLine Solutions.

With more than 10 years experience, LanguageLine Academy offers the most advanced testing and training to ensure the qualifications and skills of bilingual staff and interpreters are effective for communication and compliant with regulatory agencies. Through our robust training and testing programs, you can ensure and attest fluency and competency in your staff’s bilingual communication. The innovative programs are delivered online, in-person and over-the-phone in more than 40 languages. 

LanguageLine Academy’s core solutions offer options for beginning, intermediate and advanced interpreters as well as field specialization.


Oregon Interpreters:
Become qualified to meet the State of Oregon's requirements for medical interpreting.  Discounted programs available. Learn More (LanguageLine Solutions site)


Our “Testing” solutions assist organizations in assessing the language proficiency and interpreting skills of bilingual staff to ensure accurate and effective communication. LanguageLine Academy helps organizations comply with regulatory requirements and enable effective communication. This solution is ideal for hospitals, call centers, 9-1-1 call centers, financial institutions, and many other businesses to improve customer service, build loyalty and trust, increase efficiency, and help avoid costly mistakes.

Current  testing options:

  1. Language Proficiency Test
  2. eLanguage Profiency Test (online)
  3. Bilingual Fluency Assessment for Health Care
  4. Bilingual Fluency Assessment for Clinicians
  5. Interpreter Readiness Assessment
  6. Interpreter Skills Test
  7. eInterpreter Skills Test (online)
  8. Medical Certification Test
  9. Court Certification Test
Learn More and Schedule Testing  (LanguageLine Solutions site) 


Our “Training” solutions are unsurpassed in assisting organizations to train their bilingual staff who may serve in the capacity of an interpreter for the organization. We offer solutions for interpreters interested in continuing education and professional development or specialization. Our industry-recognized training enable the further development of skills for bilingual staff and in-house interpreters. As a result, you can meet regulatory requirements, improve customer service and enhance your organization’s image.

Current training options:

  1. Fundamentals of Interpreting
  2. Advanced Medical Training
Learn More and Schedule Training (LanguageLine Solutions site)



For more information: Call 877-351-6636 or Email LLA@languageline.com